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This section on this website is the transfer of the corresponding one from the existing address, which, although it does not exclusively concern the general approach that is the object of FRN, nevertheless its integration was deemed necessary for reasons of economy of space, information, as well as unified management since the previous two websites (hellas-frn.weebly and u-ham.weebly) were owned by the same administrator. Another reason is  that projects of U-Ham anyway, in addition to the digital networks, are mostly used in the Hellas-FRN network as well.

Without putting much emphasis on the name U-Ham, this logo with the corresponding surrounding shape is imprinted on all the faces and main pcbs of the projects for the last 8 years.

The creation of the name is the exclusive inspiration of the administrator  and owner of Hellas-FRN as a combined paraphrase of the existing  name  "U-HAUL", an American transport company, which means that you, by yourself, move with our means of transport. (The other meaning of u-haul that is out there, is not our concern).

So also here, the "U-HAM" in essence approximates the concept of radio amateurs, namely in that they try mostly on their own, with maybe a little help from colleagues, to practice the hobby using NON-commercial projects.

These projects are made in the context of technical mutual assistance between radio amateurs.

 In the sense of NON-commercialism, the name U-HAM  is not reserved, HOWEVER, and  in any way, its use   by third parties, although it has nothing to do with the above stated authenticity and inspiration of its creation, it is simply left to the fare play  which should govern the "rules of the game" within the ham radio community.


Hellas-FRN Administrator

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