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Stable broadband  connection with provided speed up to 10 Gbps.  

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Actual server connection speed to the internet.

The provided connection to the main server  ( reaches 10 Gbit/s and in practice 7.9 Gbit/s  with measurements through the modem-router.  The connection speed through the server reaches 1Gbps, basically due to hardware limitation. Of course, a change in the server's hardware, so that the actual connection speed increases to, for example, 5 Gbit/s or the maximum provided, is not considered necessary at the moment, due to the fact that the full use of the Hellas-FRN network does not "load" the server so that such a solution is required.

The above connection conditions result in information on the network having ZERO data packet losses, ZERO errors in the connection line and by extension an almost unlimited number of simultaneously connected  users  on the server without any problem.

Its physical location (and connection) is Geneva's Champel  in Switzerland.

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Reserve  server

For seamless coverage of communications through the Hellas FRN server  runs concurrently 24-hour backup  ( with a speed of 50 Mbps, with physical location and connection in Athens, Greece.  The forecast is  to take over for short periods of time  (hence the much slower connection speed compared to the main server), the continuity of the normal server's operations if there is a problem with it. The takeover of the backup server for some minutes or hours (and in previous real event for days) is not even noticed by the users except at the moment of the transition, while during the operation of the backup server an indication is provided to the user program that the backup is working. (Yellow triangle with an exclamation mark at the bottom left of the program window).  There is also the possibility of manually connecting to the servers  by users by putting one of two names. Note that the mobility of all users will be on the server that is normally connected. The two names of these have a slight difference in the name which is the hyphen (-) between hellas and frn. The connection transfer between the two servers is done through the alternative system manager (DE), where the relationship between the two DDNS addresses is registered. Attention: This automation does not apply to GRN accounts. There the backup server should be selected or typed with a corresponding action to restore to the main server when it comes back into operation.

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