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This website is the result of a continuous effort to help Greek radio amateurs who are interested in the subject and the specific means of communication, whether it concerns the analog way of transmission, or its evolution in a digital way, or a combination of both of the above ways at the same time.

It is constantly enriched with new explanatory and technical elements for the convenience of those involved in the use of the Free Radio Network. It has no relation whatsoever with other websites – blogspots, (or even occasional servers) which, as the case may be, refer to the subject of the Free Radio Network in Greece and involve PMRs, LPDs and (after notification with the clear limitations of the law) in the use of CBs .

The posting of the website was done in such a way that we consider that works sufficiently explanatory to serve the requirements of the average of those concerned, in terms of language, style and concepts.


It is made clear that it is aimed at colleagues with basic knowledge and relevant experience in using a computer connected to a transceiver, as well as the necessary concepts and understandings concerning digital communication networks. Therefore, for someone with zero knowledge about the subject, its training, involvement, regulation and operation, either of a client or of a gateway, despite his desire, it is required to make an effort to learn himself at the beginning as absolutely necessary condition and then attempt the application. The notion that someone, in TWO WORDS, will explain everything to him or someone else will set everything up for him, is beyond reality, since avoiding knowledge of the subject and direct operation (especially of a gateway) requires his personal involvement with the necessary elementary knowledge. What is written on this site is the necessary information about the subject and is not a "philosophical" rambling post per subject. If it is difficult for someone to read them, he should also recognize that nothing happens automatically by itself or that someone else is not going to do the work that he has to do.

The current state of analog Internet communication has ECHOLINK and now the FRN. There are similarities but also serious and communication security-critical differences which are easily discernible elsewhere on this site. 


Determining the actual differences between the two programs above is left to the technical concern of those radio amateurs who deal with Internet communication programs.


According to Ministerial Decision 38200/1136, Official Gazette 1969/2 Sep 2011 and in particular article 15, paragraph 6, as well as Decision 10800/310, Official Gazette B648 2013, the opportunity is given to implement technological innovations to support radio amateur activity by combining digital technology and the Internet.


It broadens the horizon of employment for radio amateurs by applying these technologies, beyond those established to date, for experimentation, communication or even in case of need to offer to society as a whole.

(Article 15, par. 6: " Communication between amateur radio stations is limited to the transmission and reception of communications of technical content related to tests and measurements, as well as to observations of a personal nature. Voice communication is carried out in clear language. The use of crypto-phony is prohibited , code words or any unknown code. However, in support of amateur radio activity, it is permitted to use known and internationally recognized technologies−encodings−configurations−protocols (new digital technologies and voice and/or data transmission applications such as indicatively D−STAR, DMR etc.) as well as the use of internationally recognized means of communication related to the Internet or other interconnected digital technologies." )


Attention: The above only concerns radio amateur activity, excluding the application to other types of non-radio amateur transceivers. (e.g., PMRs, LPDs, CBs).  With your participation in the FRN program, either as a simple client, or as a gateway, but also with the GRN for Android devices, you help maintain, on the one hand, the existence of the Greek server on the international list of active FRN networks for the obvious reasons, on the one hand, to the general support of the whole effort, so that it continues to be maintained.




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