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To connect to ZELLO's HELLAS-FRN channel  so that through it you can access the communications room  of Hellas-FRN which is for radio amateurs, you must first create a Zello account and indeed  along with the username to be  and the  your amateur radio badge, in a way that is visible during your connection. The participants in this channel are those who have registered at and are radio amateurs with a station license  wireless in force. This requirement comes from the capacity that each active member has in their Zello channel to activate radios through Hellas-FRN.

The link is made with the Ham1 room which contains only VHF radios, as shown in the photo below. This is achieved on the one hand by Zello  which works as a gateway (and not with VOX as  as usual, which presents  serious communication delay problems), and besides the possibility of the FRN program to work in the crosslink position for cooperation  two programs with controlled PTT  on broadcast and SQL on reception over independent COMs at TTL level.

The adjacent photo shows  an example of connecting to Zello and specifically to the channel of HELLAS-FRN.

The yellow boxes show fellow radio amateurs with a visible badge, where after checking that they have registered they have been designated as "trusted" (Trusted or not is the translation of the terminology used by Zello).

The names shown in the red box are waiting to be designated as Trusted by the administrator. This state of Zello comes from the setting that access to the channel is by approval.

People there can only listen to the conversations of colleagues at the top of the app, but they can talk to the program administrator or moderators for access instructions or something else. 

As mentioned at the beginning of the page, those who are  in the "untrusted" list  they are considered as pending access approval. It is necessary to have their badge visible and to have registered at

Radio amateur callsign and CBr callsign next to it is not a problem, neither for approval nor for use, as it is considered that the colleague in this case is acting as a radio amateur and not as a CBr.

Other forms of nouns or diminutives or attributives - descent  they cannot be approved for communications security reasons by pure radio amateurs, since random names do not identify radio amateur status. Also subtly  only  club CB   are not approved.

The names in the red box in the adjacent photo are taken as a real example of the above mentioned. It is impossible  their classification as trustworthy as long as they state plain names or surnames or toponyms, information from which does not indicate whether they are radio amateurs.

Note: They may be , but it is not listed and thus the radio amateur status is not recognized. There are some who really aren't and are connected there on Zello  for simple listening.

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