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The full form of NXDN is Narrowband Digital Exchange. It is defined by two main organizations viz. Icom Incorporated and Kenwood Corporation. It operates in VHF/UHF frequency bands and uses FDMA technology.

Following are the specifications of NXDN.
• NXDN offers clear voice quality with minimal background noise and interference.
• NXDN offers secure communication through its digital encryption capabilities.
• NXDN operates on either a 12.5 kHz channel or a 6.25 kHz channel bandwidth. It allows single carrier on one channel at a time.
• NXDN supports multi-site trunking which enables seamless communication over a wide area by interconnecting multiple base stations.
• NXDN supports data applications such as text messaging, telemetry, status monitoring and GPS location tracking.
• NXDN offers better coverage and extends range compared to analog radio systems.
• Some NXDN systems support roaming capabilities.
• Many NXDN radios support both digital and analog modes which facilitates a smooth transition from analog to digital systems.

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