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The view of the structure in the horizontal optical axis front to back.

The box is made of ABS  of good quality and thermal resistance of at least 100 degrees Celsius.

For RF shielding reasons  it is designed with the grounding levels as shown in the picture.

The entire surface of the two lids is covered internally with a shield connected to the computer ground (not the P/D - it has a separate ground).

The main board is double-sided and apart from its active lines for the circuit, the rest of the surface is a shield surface with multiple top and bottom via connections. A small piece of this double surface  around the 5-pin connection to the P/D is independent from the rest and belongs to the grounding of the P/D.

All the surfaces connected to the respective grounds of the front and back sides  create in the closed box a Faraday cage. 


The view of the construction on the vertical optical axis up - down.

The  grounding arrangement of the front and back sides of the structure follows the same philosophy as the double surfaces. 

In the center the figure represents the main board whose grounds are connected to those of the faces.

A small part of the front face necessarily belongs to the ground of the W/D since that is where the sliders are placed  potentiometers of the P/D modulation  and their grounding is not common.

The  two surfaces of the grounds per board are connected together by a number of vias.


* Trade marks FTDI, PROLIFIC, CMEDIA are not belonging to us.

** Depending the  production year and version.   

  1. Time protection of the gateway in TX and RX mode. Selectable ON or OFF, by external switch in front. The limiter works even on transceivers with VOX mode.

  2. Independent audio LEVEL and TONE (+ - 6db) for TX and RX.

  3. Full galvanic isolation between PC and Transceiver, as well as full RF shielding.

  4. Internal power supply 5V, accepting 8-30VDC/2A from an external voltage source.

  5. 5pin Din connector for input and output controls [AUDIO IN, AUDIO OUT, PTT, AF UNLOCKED (cos), XMTR's GND].

  6. Adjustment for each type of transceiver. (Base, Mobile, Portable).

  7. USB Type B output for PC connection. 

  8. Dual PTT, to and from the PC program (via UART chip and microcontroller). Using FTDI* or Prolific. *, **

  9. Internal sound cart based on Cmedia* chip.

  10. Protection against RF and for use with HF transceivers.

  11. Two-level board with metallic holes and vias for integrating upper and lower surface ground grids.

  12. ​Independent indications for power on, RX-TX and lock.

  13. USB Type A output for additional purposes. (Gives back the PC's used USB by the interface for use a CAT/CV-I or any other, as keyboard, mouse etc.)

  14. Reset function.

  15. Selectable power supply source. External (8-30V), Internal (5V from PC USB).

  16. Added ground point on the back face.

For FRN, Echolink, Ham Radio Deluxe, Wmix, SSTV, WSJT-X, FT8, FT4, JT65, UI-View 32  and more other.

Supports  voice and  audio digital modes.
Power Consumption: USB < 158mA @ 4,8-5,2V DC. 
PTT: Open collector, driven from RTS/DTR, max 30V/400mA
SQL: Input, normal closed  @ high +5v DC  to activate. Wired to CTS
USB-B : Supports USB 1.1, USB 2 high speed.
USB-A : Supports USB 1.1, USB 2 high speed (for optional module or others), max output current 500mA
Timer : 3 min on TX/RX (When switch is ON)
TX/RX : Supports full doublex (TX and RX on the same time)
Level control : TX/RX  0 ~ +6dB
Tone control : TX/RX  + /-6dB
Indicator Leds :
      Blue : External power plugged in.
      Red : Time limiter is activated & input audio is muted
      Dual led : Green RX signal SQL input is activated / Red TX signal PTT out is activated / Orange full doublex SQL and PTT is activated

Audio Out : 
     Output Level: 1.9V p-p max. 
     Response:  20 Hz - 10 KHz +/-3dB 
     Output impedance: 600 Ohms 
     Output isolation: 6,5 kVDC
     Second Harmonic:  -80 dB (typical) 
     D/A Sample rate:  48 KHz max
Audio In : 
     Input Level: 4.3V p-p max. 
     Response:  20 Hz - 10 KHz +/- 3 dB
     Input impedance : 600 Ohms 
     Input isolation: 6,5 kVDC
     Dynamic Range:  87 dB (typical) 
     A/D Sample rate:  48 KHz 

​Operation temperature :  -10 to +60 °C
Dimensions: W 155mm  x H 40mm  x D 105mm 

Minimum : 800 MHz IBM PC compatible computer with Windows XP, 256 MB RAM,  USB 1.1 port
 Recommended : 1.6 GHz PC with Windows Vista or higher, 1GB RAM,  USB2.0 port
Supported operating systems : Windows XP ,Vista , Windows 7, 8,10,11 , Linux (see note) , Mac OS (see note) , Raspberry (all).

Note : 
    -Needs drivers for Mac OS Prolific version
    -Linux : Need drivers only for RedHat 7.3/8.0/9.0 Prolific version
    -PTT output & SQL input  are provided via a single TTL device using native FTDI* or Prolific* drivers for the operating system.
    -USB sound card Cmedia uses built-in OS native USB Audio Class drivers.


*Depending on the  production year and version .

Features - Specifications -Technical Data 

Audio frequency response

m-interface v.1.2  in field use for digital communication with  NVIS transmission

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