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This process is only for radio amateurs in order to allow them to broadcast  in chat rooms that affect web portals. Other users can only use the server's free chat rooms that are not related to radio amateurs.

For new ham radio users who want to be able to use PTT, a copy of the  radio operating license (back-to-back) is required to be sent to the e-mail below, which should show the name, call sign, date of issue and expiry of the permit. The date of birth, address of residence or alternative radio locations are of no interest and can be covered with a physical object, excluding any digital processing. In these cases, it is deemed necessary for the interested party to be registered in at least one of the international P/E forums or websites, in order to avoid any doubts about identity due to the covering of personal information in the permit.

*** Before you request registration in Hellas-FRN using the form below, you must have downloaded the program and obtained its operating code from the system manager:, using the same email  which you will put in the form.

If you are an old Hellas-FRN user who used the application of the Original System Manager  and wish to reconnect, due to changing the System Manager from EU  in DE , please note  the options you have as stated HERE,   HERE   and HERE   (Don't ignore them to be able to enter!) 




Purple Net

in the website's database with an additional level of protection. (PII data)***

Other type of registration/Other type of registration
Type of Use/Type of Use
Abstract Waves

Important reminder:

In the event that with your registration you intend to operate an internet voice gateway, be aware that   for the connection of the tranceiver with the server Hellas-FRN  you MUST use  narrow configuration.
Colleagues who will enter using RF in an internet portal are required to set the tranceivers in narrow configuration in order to have the correct access, but also to avoid interference from neighboring frequencies.


With an asterisk  (*) refers to a mandatory field.

1st Field:
    Registration Type:

  • New User: Registering for the first time.

2nd Field:

     Other registration type:

  • Reactivate Old User: For users whose license has expired, changed e-mail, or for any other reason.

  • More Activations: Activate one or more additional accounts of the same user.

3rd Field:
    Type of use:

  • PC only  (Without tranceiver connection)

  • Online Portal  (Gateway with  tranceiver connected to a suitable adapter (interface) and the appropriate security previlleges around broadcast  topics) 

  • Two-way transponder  (Crosslink between two programs on the computer in terms of the audio part of the information exchange)

4th Field:
     Callsign: Enter the callsign in capital letters.

5th Field:
    E-mail : For more than one e-mail, separate them with a comma (,)

6th Field:
    Notes: Here you can write additional information  or  questions about your registration. 

7th and 8th Field:

Upload the requested files as described above with separate actions  for the front and back of the license.  Accepted files: jpg, png, pdf, webp. Prefer one of the first 2 or 3 file types and avoid bulky files. A maximum of 1 to 1.5 MB is enough for  clarity on each side of the license.


At the end and once you have filled in the necessary fields press  Submission.


Please note that the activation process will be completed as soon as possible. Please check your access periodically after submitting your information.


Yours sincerely

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