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Sound card interface

The  photo shows how to make an adapter (interface) between the radio and the PC. It includes a fixed PTT command to broadcast, without using any USB or COM port connection. PTT is commanded by a pilot tone on the right line output channel of the sound card. Audio modulation is applied to the left line output channel of the sound card.
The audio signal from the wireless is applied to the line input of the sound card at two different levels.
On the right channel the signal is very strong and distorted. This signal is used for the VOX of the FRN Client program. In the left channel the signal is less strong, but with better quality. This signal will be broadcast to the Internet. Resistor R4 must be fitted if the radio has combined PTT wiring  and microphone input.

Settings in the FRN Client.

The following photo shows how to set up this adapter (interface)
Don't forget to turn off VOX on the radio. Click "Settings--> Adapter" (interface) to open the interface menu.

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