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* Trade marks FTDI, PROLIFIC, CMEDIA are not belonging to us.
** Depending the  production year and version.

  1. Time protection of the gateway in TX and RX mode. The limiter works even on transceivers with VOX mode.

  2. Independent audio LEVEL and TONE (+ - 6db) for TX and RX.

  3. Full galvanic isolation between PC and Transceiver using incorporated usb isolation circuit, as well as full RF shielding.

  4. Internal power supply 5V, accepting 8-30v DC from an external DC Voltage source.

  5. 25pin connector for input and output controls [AUDIO IN, AUDIO OUT1, AUDIO OUT2, PTT, AF UNLOCKED (cos)1, AF UNLOCKED (cos)2 , XMTR's GNDx7, CW, FSK-RTTY, TTL TXD, TTL RXD,  (RS-232: RXD, TXD, DTR, CTS, DSR, RTS, DCD)]  

  6. Selectable SQL polarity (+5V or -5V), according to transceiver type.

  7. Incorporated and selectable on- off cat control circuit.

  8. Selectable TTL or Serial (RS232) data mode.

  9. Selectable remote for ICOM or other type transceivers.

  10. Full serial port output (in 25 pin socket), for cat control.

  11. True FSK-RTTY mode.

  12. CW mode interacting to transceiver's carrier.

  13. Independent indications for cat control RX, TX data, FSK-RTTY and CW modes, as well as for power on, RX-TX and lock.

  14. Full surface mount components, with no modules (as previous models).

  15. Second receiver audio input.

  16. Adjustment for each type of transceiver. (Base, Mobile, Portable).

  17. USB Type B output for PC connection. 

  18. Dual PTT, to and from the PC program (via UART chip and microcontroller). Using FTDI* or Prolific. *, **

  19. Internal sound cart based on Cmedia* chip.

  20. Protection against RF and for use with HF transceivers.

  21. Two-level board with metallic holes and vias for integrating upper and lower surface ground grids.

  22. 10 mil trace technology for PCB designing, with 0.001mm accuracy.

  23. Reset function.                                                                                                   ​​​

For FRN, Echolink, Ham Radio Deluxe, Wmix, SSTV, WSJT-X, FT8, FT4, JT65, UI-View 32  and more other.

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