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* Trade marks FTDI, PROLIFIC, CMEDIA are not belonging to us.
** Depending the  production year and version.   

  1. Time protection of the gateway in TX and RX mode. Selectable ON or OFF, by internal jumper. The limiter works even on transceivers with VOX mode.

  2. Independent audio LEVEL  for TX and RX.

  3. Full galvanic isolation between PC and Transceiver, as well as full RF shielding.

  4. Power supply 5V from USB B (PC).

  5. 5pin Din connector for input and output controls [AUDIO IN, AUDIO OUT, PTT, AF UNLOCKED (cos), XMTR's GND].

  6. Adjustment for each type of transceiver. (Base, Mobile, Portable).

  7. USB Type B output for PC connection. 

  8. Two 3.5 mm inputs for audio in and audio out of a separate external audio card. (not included).

  9. Dual PTT, to and from the PC program (via UART chip and microcontroller). Using FTDI* or Prolific. *, **

  10. Protection against RF and for low power transceivers.

  11. Two-level board with metallic holes and vias for integrating upper and lower surface ground grids.

  12. Independent indications for power on, RX-TX and lock.

  13. Added ground point on the back face.

  14. Pass band RX audio filter 250Hz-3.2kHz

For FRN, Echolink, Ham Radio Deluxe, cw

Features - Specifications -Technical Data

Supports  voice and cw audio  modes.
Power Consumption: USB B < 92mA @ 4,8-5,2V DC. 
PTT: Open collector, driven from RTS/DTR, max 30V/400mA
SQL: Input, normal closed  @ high +5v DC  to activate. Wired to CTS
USB-B : Supports USB 1.1, USB 2.0 high speed.
TX/RX : Supports halb dublex
Level control : TX/RX  0 ~ +6dB

Indicator Leds :
      Green : Power plugged in.
      Red : Time limiter is activated & input audio is muted
      Dual led : Green RX signal SQL input is activated / Red TX signal PTT out is activated 

Audio Out : 
      Response:   80 Hz - 4.3 KHz +/-3dB 
     Output impedance: 600 Ohms 
     Output isolation: 6,5 kVDC
     Second Harmonic:  -80 dB (typical) 
Audio In : 
     Response:  80 Hz - 4.3 KHz +/- 3 dB
     Input impedance : 600 Ohms 
     Input isolation: 6,5 kVDC

​Operation temperature :  -10 to +60 °C
Dimensions: W 155mm  x H 40mm  x D 105mm 

Minimum : 800 MHz IBM PC compatible computer with Windows XP, 128 MB RAM,  USB1.1 port
 Recommended : 1.6 GHz PC with Windows Vista or higher, 1GB RAM,  USB2.0 port
Supported operating systems : Windows XP ,Vista , Windows 7, 8,10,11 , Linux  , Mac OS  , Raspberry (all).

Note : 
    -Needs drivers for Mac OS
    -Linux : Plug and play
    -PTT output & SQL input  are provided via a single TTL device using native FTDI  drivers for the operating system
Notice: Trade marks FTDI  are not belonging to us.

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