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Welcome to my web site.

As radio amateur, beyond the common way of acting the hobby, I have the passion to design and build ham radio projects up to a complete set.
I started this hobby a long time ago, circa decade of 70s, and many projects came out since then.
Recently, I continued designing a lot of other specialized on digital communication projects of which the most popular was the “μ-Interface v.1.2“. Many ham radio amateurs are happy because of using this, even on deferent mods.
Currently, I'm finalizing a new version of μ-Interface that will cover 99,9% of ham radio needs.
In perspective of a general view of my efforts, I could say that the projects are 99% designed, assembled and tested by personal care and caution. I  always use relevant component manufacturer’s data information to design from scratch all the projects, rejecting any “copy-paste” ready solution from the web.
I also power the Hellas-FRN network in Greece and therefore support a lot of private ham radio users on the matter.

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